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Our Approach

The Entire Energy Picture

Our approach is simple in form but yet complex. The simple part is, we like to look at our customers' entire energy picture - billing demand, tariffs, how you use your energy, when you use your energy, HVAC systems and HVAC controls. We look at as many of the factors as we can that affect your overall energy picture. 


Separating The Picture Into Parts

The complex part is separating the total energy picture into its different elements and then setting goals that increase efficiencies and reduce the energy spend. We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to make sure the game plan stays on track.


One key piece of the energy puzzle is the utility bill. It can be difficult to understand, to say the least. Most companies give it a quick glance, if all looks okay it's approved and then the bill is paid. But shouldn’t you be asking “where do those numbers on the invoice come from”? "Are they correct"? At MEA we like to put that piece under the microscope. There are times when that has paid huge dividends in terms of savings in energy consumed and dollars spent!

Continued Involvement

Our commitment to our clients is this - we stay involved.  We stay involved through bill monitoring, tariff review, market watch, periodic meetings.

A Few Items to Consider

The source for "Understanding Your Duke Energy Bill" is Click here to visit the site.

Case Studies

#1 Office Buildings - We were able to save our client enough money on their electricity charges over a 12 month period, as a result they were able to do energy efficient improvements to their chillers and cooling towers. Also, they were able to install new LED lighting at their properties.

#2 Institutions / Schools - We were able to identify a tariff more suitable to one of their electric accounts. After reviewing the tariff we were able to change the account to an appropriate rate class - the customer achieved a savings of over $30,000.00 per year. This was done with Zero $0.00 invested!

#3 Manufacturing - The client had a problem with low Power Factors and spikes in the power. We were able to correct the Power Factor to 99.8% and eliminate the spikes. Charges on the demand side of the bill were reduces because of the increased Power Factor.

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