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The Energy Data Manager - EDM

EDM - Dashboard

EDM Dashboard

The EDM (Energy Data Manager) gives you all your important utility data in one central location.

Included are many charts, graphs and reports that make it easy to spot trends or areas in need of improvement.

The DashBoard provides the user with "At A Glance" details on:


  • kWh and CCF usage,

  • electric and natural gas expenditures,

  • trends

  • weather data

The EDM can handle multiple properties in different service areas, such as Duke, DP&L, AEP and many others.

Capturing data from the utility bills is simple and easy. In nearly all cases we handle that part of the process. Typically it's done on a monthly basis. If you have tenants with sub-meters tracking their usage is just as easy. The system will even generate the monthly bills.

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